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Diamond – Crown

We are 100% dedicated on the Astelum, a LED bulb with a unique diamond design . It is not only aesthetically pleasing, the finely-crafted shape also maximizes the functionality of the Candelabra bulb.

The Astelum shows a spectacular diamond-like light refraction generated by the accurately-cut facets and crystal prisms.

Shaped with 132 facets , The Astelum shows its distinctive sparkling effect and raises the beauty of your chandelier when the light is off. The inside cone has been designed to enhance the light refraction whilst illuminating your chandelier crystals.
The combination of this original design and crystal make The Astelum the greatest solution for chandeliers.

Astelum led Candelabra bulbs
Astelum led Candelabra bulbs


Aesthetic Purity

We carefully select the finest crystals , then it is individually cut by hand , the Astelum redefines the light sources by turning it into an unique piece of interior design.

As a symbole of know-how and lifestyle, crystal brings vitality and comfort to your environment. This material enhances the prime function of light sources by its unrivaled purity.

Astelum works mostly with Egyptian crystals, well known for their quality and their prismatic brilliance with a high reflective capacity.


Experience the Astelum light refraction

Integration with your projects

Dialux File
Dialux for The Astelum Candelbra bulbs
Heat management crystal


Thermal Design

Astelum uses the best quality High Voltage(HV) LED chip to be the most efficient.

To support this chip, we use a custom made high heat conducer for optimum longevity.

Our E14 bulb socket is filled with a high thermal conductivity polymer that keeps the temperature below 55°C.

Astelum thermal management is the key for reliability assurance and product lifetime. The Astelum is the most technically advanced chandelier bulb.

Designer Astelum Crystal candelabra bulb warm white
Designer Astelum Crystal Bulb Cool White

Warm White

Cool White

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XIII – Now

Timeless Elegance 

Why a chandelier?


Astelum, the evident choice for your luxurious project

We are fully dedicated on The Astelum. We created it for you to ensure your customers satisfaction by shaping bespoke ambiance . Our goal is to make the best LED bulb for your luxurious projects.

Chandeliers are always located at the entrance. Keeping in mind that the first and last impression are the most important, this is where you need to emphasize.

The Astelum sublimates your lighting fixtures and illuminates the room. It fills your customers up with emotions and creates unforgettable memories every time they walk pass.

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Only official Astelum distributors are allowed to sell the Astelum. With the necessary skills and technical knowledge, they guarantee the authenticity of our product and provide you the support you need to ensure the success of your project.

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Each Astelum is delivered with a certificate that testifies of its authenticity

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